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A Yorkie Poo puppy playing

Do Yorkie Poos suffer from urinary problems?

All dogs can suffer from urinary infections and the Yorkie Poo is no exception.

Whilst it can be inconvenient to have to mop up puddles of pee from the floor, the likelihood is that the Yorkie Poo's urinary probelms are causing it some degree of suffering too.

Spaying a Yorkie Poo can be the casue of an increase in this problem and that should be considered when making a decision.

A poorly trained dog can also do this in order to assert their dominance. If you think this may be the problem then consulting a professioanl Yorkie Poo trainer may help.

You should also consider the fact that it may have an infection of the bladder and you should see a vet to eliminate the possibility of a urinary infection in your dog.

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