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Yorkie Poo Guide
A Yorkie Poo puppy playing

Training a Yorkie Poo

Training a dog can be hard work but it is necessary and rewarding

Yorkie Poos are well known for their general friendliness and good behaviour however, like all dogs, they do need to be toilet trained as well as given a routine which allows them to be well disciplined.

One problem that we find with Yorkie Poos, or more specifically with their owners, is that because the pups are so cute, there are often treated almost permanently like babies and given free reign to do as they please. Anyone who has done this with a child will probably be aware of the end results; a spoiled and problematic child that doesn't know its barriers and this is no different with this breed of dog.

Therefore, if your Yorkie Poo does misbehave, it needs to be made aware of this, obviously not in a physical manner. A stern voice will usually do the trick in most cases, and don't forget that whilst it is important to tell them off if they are doing wrong, it is equally important to reward them when they are good.

It is important for the dog to know who is boss .. That is you by the way and not the dog! .. Be calm and don't shout at the dog (and definitely don't hit it) and be patient too. Like all dogs, a young Yorkie Poo puppy can be a challenge but it is one with some great rewards if you persevere.

Toilet Training

Because the Yorkie Poo has a small bladder, it is likely to want to pass water quite often. This can be a problem until it has learned to control its bladder. You will need to take your dog somewhere where it can urinate probably every two hours or so at first. This will get better though as the dog gets older and will be able to signal to you when it needs to go.

Bear in mind that when very young it may 'leak' when it is excited of frightened and this does not mean that it is incontinent.

Whilst training a dog can be time consuming initially, you will reap the rewards later on with a warm and well behaved dog and the Yorkie Poo is no exception to this rule.