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A Yorkie Poo puppy playing

Pros and Cons of the Teacup

Teacup versions of the Yorkie Poo are undeniably cute, but read on for more information about them.

The teacup yorkie poo is one of the best choices of dog for those living in an apartment or other small space. It is a very friendly pet, learns very fast, and is extremely protective towards its owners. Kids can easily get along with them and because of their size, they are unlikely to inflict any harm on them other than perhaps a small nip. Moreover, this breed of dog usually easily gets along with other animals at home. Owing to their intelligence, however, these dogs can easily get bored and needs regular entertaining and exercise. That notwithstanding, it is a great dog to own considering that it does not need lots of space. A small room full of toys, and other distractions is all that is needed to keep the pet happy.

Unlike most dogs, a yorkie poo seldom sheds its hair, and, therefore, is safe to those with allergies. If this applies to you though, do make sure before buying as not all Yorkie Poos have this quality. Additionally, this attribute guarantees you an easy time regarding cleaning. Owners do not need to regularly scrub their carpets to remove stubborn hair.

A teacup yorkie is one of the most loyal dog breeds and despite its size, this dog will often challenge larger opponents without hesitation. So, when walking out your dog, you can count on it to stand up for you, especially, to those it deems your enemies.

This version of the yorkie poo is a great travel companion and as well as being easy to carry because of its size, it can be great fun to have around and can improve the quality of your holidays.

Even though, physically, the dog is small, it can still be a useful burglar deterrent as it's bark is surprisingly loud in proportion to its size!

The teacup, has some negatives too. Some owners have decried that teacups are unhealthy. The dogs are tiny and seem can often seem unhealthy. They also have poor bone densities. However, they are more or less resistant to infectious diseases. Some of them are also free of genetic diseases that some pure breeds have.

A yorkie poo is one dog that stands out from the pool of dogs. It has unique appearances and behaviours that very few dogs can emulate. However, it requires tender care as it is very fragile. Also, owners need to dedicate some time to walk their dogs although as it is tiny, this need not be too strenuous on the owner.