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Why Own a Yorkie Poo Rescue Dog?

Rescue Dogs make great pets so why use a breeder?

Probably because of their extreme cuteness, it is not uncommon for people to buy a Yorkie Poo as a spur of the moment decision. Whilst this is understandable, it also often means that many people have not thought this through properly and end up realising that their lifestyle is not conducive to looking after their pet.

Unfortunately, because of their popularity with celebrities, this also encourages this behaviour with the end result that the dog ends up being left in a rescue shelter.

The good news though is that this does mean that there are many cute Yorkie Poos out there just waiting for a new home and as, in most cases anyway, they have not been mistreated, they are generally still good natured and longing to have new owners to take care of them.

Although the dog is not a pure breed, there are breeders who claim them to be a pure breed which is incorrect but allows the breeder to sell them at higher prices to buyers that are unaware. Buying them from a rescue centre though should prove to be much more affordable, often costing just a donation which is used to help maintain the animal rescue shelter meaning that your money will not go to profit the owner but to help to care for and re-home other Yorkie Poos.

Do try to find out as much as you can about your new dog though before you commit to taking care of him. Whilst most Yorkie Poos, for example, don't shed hair which makes them ideal for those with allergies, this is not the case with all dogs so do check this. If possible it is probably wiser to go for a more 50/50 cross bred dog as it will be likely to have stronger health. Whilst even the F3 breeds need love, care and attention and we wouldn't wish to detract from that, they are more likely to have health issues which can result in higher vet bills as well as, sadly, an earlier sense of loss when it dies earlier than you expect.

Despite the above negative note though, by getting your dog from a rescue centre, you will be providing a dog with much love and happiness and giving it a better life than it had before.