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A Yorkie Poo puppy playing

Potential Health Problems

Health problems are a concern for any pet owners and a Yorkie Poo is no exception

Yorkie Poos are, generally speaking, a healthy cross bred dog. This is especially so if you have a first generation cross. Those further down the chain such as a 3rd generation cross breed are likely to be more prone to health problems. All dogs of course are individuals and can suffer any health problems that any dog can; however, there are a few problems which this particular breed is susceptible to. The list below does not necessarily mean that your Yorkie Poo will suffer with these but you should be aware of them when considering owning one.

If you buy from a reputable breeder, they should be able to provide certified health clearances for most of these. If they can't then use a different breeder if you are buying direct rather than from a rescue centre.


Epilepsy is likely to show itself in your dog as a seizure. This may be relatively mild but can also be more severe. They are likely to manifest as unusual behaviour such as falling over for no reason or losing consciousness. If this happens to your dog, make sure that you take it to a vet to be checked.

Addison's Disease

If your dog has little appetite or is vomiting or is lacking in energy, it should be taken straight to the vets. If it proves to be Addison's disease your vet will advise on the best course of action as this is a potentially serious disease that can lead to heart problems in the animal.

Porto systemic Shunt (PSS)

This is a problem with the liver and causes the flow of blood to be abnormal. Because the liver is responsible for cleansing the body, this can lead to an increased likelihood of other problems such as gastric issues and urinary tract problems. Sometimes the problem can be managed through a special diet but surgery may also be needed to correct it.

Slipped Stifles (Patellar Luxation)

This occurs when the knee cap of the dog's leg slips out of joint and is likely to cause the dog some pain.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

This disease decreases the flow of blood to the hip joint and can cause the joint to deteriorate. If your dog starts to limp for no reason, you should have this checked out at your vets who will advise the best course of action which may well be surgical.

Thyroid Problems

Some Yorkie Poos suffer from hypothyroidism which can cause skin problems and hair loss amongst other things. It is usually treated through diet and sometimes medication.