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Should You Use a Yorkie Poo Breeder?

Breeders or Rescue Centre - A Difficult but Necessary Choice

Whilst we would always encourage our readers who are looking to own a Yorkie Poo to investigate their local rescue centres first, there are risks with this strategy as it can be harder to determine the purity of the cross breed. Buying from a Yorkie Poo breeder on the other hand should mean that they will be able to tell you the parentage and if it is a first generational cross breed or not. This is important for you to consider how healthy the dog is likely to be.

There are of course, unscrupulous dog breeders of all breeds and the Yorkie Poo is no exception. We urge you to do your research and only use a reputable breeder and if you are concerned about the conditions of any breeder that you visit, to report them to the relevant authorities.

There are a number of ways of avoiding buying from a puppy mill; one of the best of these it to ask your local veterinary surgery if they can recommend anyone. Like us though, they may well point you in the direction of a rescue centre.

Whilst not all Yorkie Poo breeders are necessarily bad, the fact that more and more of this breed are coming on the market means that those who have bought them as a fashion accessory (sadly, some people actually do this) means that once they have lost their 'cute puppy' appearance, they are likely to be replaced by a younger pup with the older dog being left at a rescue shelter. This obviously is not fair and is not something that we would do with our own species so if you wish to play your part in reducing the number of dogs that are put in these shelters, then at the very least, pay a visit to the rescue centre to see what they can offer before you contact a Yorkie Poo dog breeder.